Waste Not Want Not Fair


Waste Not Want Not Fair  – An exciting day of learning how to save your money AND the planet by reducing waste


Tuesday, 18 October 2016 from 12:30pm to 4pm
Ballybough Community Centre – 49 Ballybough Road, Dublin 3


We live in a throw-away world, but unfortunately there is no ‘away’. The stuff we buy and throw away costs us money and costs the planet in terms of resources and energy. Trying to reduce the amount we buy and throw away saves us money and protects the planet, animals and our health, so it really makes sense.

This event will be fun and participative and full of interesting workshops, talks and stands where you will find out ways of reusing, reusing, repairing, upcycling, recycling and donating.This event takes places as part of ReUse month. Entrance is free , adults and older teens welcome.

What will happen at the event:


Community Reuse Netwok – sign their pledge to resue an item for ReUse month

RecycleIT – learn about what electronic items this Dublin community recycling initative can recycle.

VOICE  – find out what this membership organisation is doing to help preserve our natural resources

Halloween Festival – find out about the fabulous Halloween festival happening in the north east inner city this year and what they are doing around promoting junk art and sustainablity in the community

Basic Clothes Repairs – Artist and Clothes Maker Grainne Dempsey will show you how to do simple clothes mending so you can hold on to your favourite clothes instead of binning them

FreeTrade Ireland TBC- the guys behind the website where you can let people know what you want to get rid of, and also get amazing stuff for free. They’ll be showing photos of upcycled items from their recent photo competition.


All around the hall you will find innovative and thought inspiring pieces of art from the exhibition curated by Thomas Brezing, called ‘Waste Not Want Not’.


Explore your creativity and convert junk into art works!

ReCreate – this social enterprise takes end of line and surplus stock from businesses and reuses them as arts materials. Here you’ll get a chance to explore lots of different materials, looms and more, and perhaps create something with a halloween theme for the halloween festival in Sean McDermott St on 31st Oct!

Dave Newton– Artist Dave Newton will run two fun workshops, Sculpture (giving life and love back to disgarded items) and Collage Postcards (bring your address book to send the final product to a friend).

Furniture Upcycling with Sunflower Recycling – this community recycling initiative will show us how to upcycle furniture, including decoupage decoration


There will be a series of short talks, helping you to find ways to reduce your own waste, and save money in the process:

Zero Waste – Timi Konya, Zero Waste guru, will give you tips to replace everyday items with waste free alternatives.

Food Waste – Mindy O-Brien from VOICE will explain how to reduce your food waste

Eco Thrift – Sinead Finegan will give money saving eco thrift tips.

Baby Waste – Cecilia Ramondetta will explain what she did to cut down on the waste associated with having babies and small kids.

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