Transforming Our Worlds through Music

This workshop will be repeated in Autumn 2016/Winter 2017. Please register your interest by emailing

Who is it for? Anyone interested in positive change, locally and globally. Those who work with groups (teachers, leaders, community workers) and who are in a position to pass on the learning from this workshop or use it in their lives are particularly welcome.

Description: Whether it is at a personal, community or global level, music and singing can play a part in creating positive change. In this interconnected world we live in today we are less separate to those living far from us, with positive and negative repercussions. Our patterns of consumption, for example, rely on resources and labour from poorer regions and our waste pollutes the planet we all share. And in a world full of insecurity and precarity for so many, people are arriving at our shores looking for a better life, and we can chose to ignore or embrace them, their cultures and their stories. Music and song give us a gateway into the lives, worldview and concerns of others around the world and give us the opportunity to transform ourselves, create community and take action.

This workshop, organised in conjunction with Global Harmonies, will be an exploration of some of the issues faced by humanity at the moment, through the lens of music and song. It will be facilitated by Rachel Dempsey, who has a Masters in Ethnomusicology and almost 20 years of running singing and music workshops through Global Harmonies. It will be a chance also to explore how music and song can facilitate action and transformation, as well as being beneficial in terms of self-care, vital for anyone working to bring about positive change locally or globally. It will involve discussion, listening to music, watching music videos, singing (you don’t have to be a good singer) and some musical/rhythmic games and activities. If there is enough interest in this work, Global Harmonies is planning to run once a month Saturday workshops on this theme, forming an on-going group which will explore, practice and take action together.