Healthy Eating Without Costing the Earth

HealthyEatingFor next training dates for this workshop and how to apply please click here.

LYCS runs this fun, engaging and participative half-day training for anyone active with groups in their local community who wishes to promote healthier and more sustainable eating, and to understand the root causes of how the food we eat is damaging our health and our planet.

This training enables community workers to understand the global food system so as to empower people in their community to better understand their food choices.

LYCS also runs this workshop by request for community organisations.

Community workers who attend will be able to:

  • Help those on a budget to make the best food choices for themselves and for others around the world.
  • Get participants thinking about bigger global issues which affect them and others such as environmental, development and justice issues.

What does the workshop cover?

  • What influences the food choices we make (government, media, budget, political issues)
  • How what we eat is threatening the planet and the health of people around the world (spread of fast food and ‘westernisation’ of food across the world)
  • How to eat more healthily and sustainably by choosing the least processed foods
  • How to help participants really understand food labels, additives, food marketing and concepts such as ‘organic’, ‘food miles’ and ‘sustainably grown’

What methods are used in the workshop?:

  • Video
  • Map work
  • Group discussion and games
  • Use of pictures

 What you will gain:

  • You’ll increase your knowledge about sustainable food and the global food system.
  • You’ll have gained some practical tips (recipes, ingredients, label awareness) on eating more sustainably to pass on to your organisation and participants.
  • You’ll have a range of participative educational tools to promote sustainable eating among members of the community.
  • You’ll have practical information on where to source sustainable food.

For more information and to join our mailing list to receive information about the next workshop to be scheduled, please contact us 01 823 0860.

Feedback about workshop from attendees:

‘One of my staff completed the above course with you last week and has been extremely enthusiastic and complimentary about the quality of the training’. Stuart Lawler, Rehabilitation Centre Manager, NCBI: Working For People With Sight Loss

‘A huge THANK YOU for the training last week. Very enjoyable and informative, and it’s great to have these resources also’. Healthy Food Made Easy Tutor

‘Thank you all for a great day, Rachel especially – it was so informative and enjoyable!!’ Laura, Dublin Lesbian Line

‘Thanks for the info and a great course. Still thinking about all the aspects of it. ‘ Noreen, DePaul Ireland

‘Thanks for an inspiring day yesterday. My eyes were really opened and I am going to talk about what I learned about the food industry to my students.’ Carol NCBI


If you have attended the workshop, here are the downloadable resources for running this workshop.