Food Wise: One-day training in changing the way our communities eat for healthier people and planet


This is a one-day training course for people working in the community who are interested in promoting healthier ways of eating for both people and planet. The training covers the issues and discusses lots of ways to improve the ways we eat, inspired by examples from around the world from sugar taxes in Mexico to African bag gardens. It also covers how to bring the learning into the kitchen, with a range of recipes and cooking tips to teach to community members.

Morning Session – the issues

Led by LYCS facilitator Rachel Dempsey, this session will be a fun and interactive exploration what has gone wrong with the way we eat in Ireland and allamazon__tcp_large over the planet. Ireland is one of the most obese nations in the world and we also have one in five children going to bed hungry every night. As well as not feeding us very well, the way we produce food around the world is damaging the planet. There has to be better ways! What can we start doing at a community level to change this situation for the better.


Afternoon Session – the cooking

Led by chef Aoife Allen, this session will involve putting into practice what we discussed in the morning, and learning how to cook healthily and sustainably yet affordably. Learn how to reduce waste by using leftovers, get more veggies and pulses into your diet (which is healthier and produces helps reduce climate change) and healthy alternatives to popular processed food.  All of this will be done in an approachable, accessible and non-preachy way.

Come to this one-day workshop and leave with the tools to run a 10 week healthy & sustainable cookery course in your community.