Resources for Fetac 6 Global Development

Days One & Two:

Fetac 6 Activities Pack days one and two

Global development course slides days 1 & 2

Day 3:

Global Development slides day 3

Majorians and Minorians

Banana Split

Fair Trade Video We didn’t watch this video about the difference between fair trade and non fair trade bananas but could be a useful resource if you are working with groups, especially young people.

Day 4:

Theories of Development Level 6 Spring 2016 2

Day 5:

Global Development slides day 5

Ouvrez Les Frontieres Lyrics

Film on European refugee crisis by Caoimhe Butterly ‘The Sea Between Us’, filmed in Greek Island Lesbos 

Film about Las Patronas, women in Mexico who help migrants travelling by train

Day 6:

Global Development slides day 6 Taking Action