What’s On

Here you’ll find out about upcoming training and events and how to apply. For further info or discuss your application talk to Helena or Rachel on 01 823 0860.

The Bigger Picture QQI 6 Global Development Course, January to March 2018

The Bigger Picture will take place in Dublin City centre from 10am-5pm on the following dates: 17 Jan, 18 Jan, 1 Feb, 15 Feb, 1 Mar, 15 Mar 2018. It is a course that invites you to consider how issues such as runaway inequality, poverty, climate change, hunger and conflict can be addressed and how a more equal and sustainable world can be achieved. It involves exploring and questioning what development is, how to evaluate development, and what are some of the root causes of the many development challenges facing the world today. More info here

Zero Waste Educator 2-day Training, Tues 30th & Wed 31st January 2018

This is a two day training, but participants can opt to do both or either one of the two days as required. The first day aims to up-skill participants so they can create and deliver informative and interactive workshops on how and why to reduce waste. It will give participants lots of ideas on how to run a dynamic & interactive event. The second day will be a deeper exploration of how our way of living is threatening the survival of life on the planet. More info here 

Global Active Citizenship through Music, One-day workshop, Thursday 22nd Feb 2018

This unique one-day training is all about empowering you and your community to become more active global citizens, through exploring our voices. The day will involve a mixture of identifying what makes our blood boil about what is happening in the world today and using the tools of voice-work, singing, energy work and holistic wellness techniques to channel our powerful feelings into a vision of action for change. It will be facilitated by Rachel Dempsey of Global Harmonies. Please email racheldempsey@lycs.ie for info or to express interest in booking. More info here