LYCS Development Education Programme closed its doors at the end of March 2020 after 25 years plus of being one of the leading organisations in Ireland combining development education with community development.

This website will remain, but the content will not be updated. Educators, activists and community leaders may find the links to resources useful and may avail of them on this site.

Development education (DE) is an education process that aims to help us think more deeply about the world we live in and to play a role in achieving global justice, equality and sustainability.  With the financial support of Irish Aid, LYCS Development Education encouraged people to make connections between the causes of poverty, locally and globally and to learn from the experience and struggles of other communities around the world.

Former LYCS Development Education Officers Helena McNeill and Rachel Dempsey will continue to work in transformative education and group work of various kinds.  Rachel has a particular interest in Education for Sustainability & Active Hope/Work that Reconnects facilitation, as well as the use of voice and music for personal, community and global transformation. She is available for workshops and talks on Zero Waste, the Food System, Using Music in Education for Global Citizenship, Sustainable Development, SDGs and more can be contacted at by email here or see her website for her voice and music work here.

With a background in Community Education, Development education and more recently Group Analysis, Helena can deliver a wide variety of development education training and specialises in providing training in group work and facilitation skills (participatory and experiential processes) and mentoring supports for practitioners.   She can be contacted by email here.  Helena and Rachel will now be available on a freelance basis to deliver development education and related training and services.

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